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Well hello Typers

I've always found people who are interested in typing to be quite fascinating. You can guess my type. HINT HINT check my name out. haha. The last I check with Enneagram, I was an 8w7. Someone confused me once and say those things change or I have to do it through past experience to get a great result. I never really bother with it after since she made it sound so freakishly complex. Maybe someone would be able to get me hop skippity doo into it as much as I am intrigued with Jungs work.

Feel free to add me and we can talk types for entertainment. =]
Hey y'all! I've decided to open up this journal past privacy, and I'm looking for friends to add. My name is Jaleesa, I'm 21 years old and I'm from the Atlanta area in Georgia. I'm a Type 2 (2w1) and an ISFJ and I would love to connect with others that have my typing. I love music, I love to read, and I have a soft spot for baseball. I take the friends that I have very seriously, but make the mistake of adding people I really have nothing in common with so I'd like to change that. Add me?

May. 31st, 2009

Myers Briggs- INTJ
Enneagram- 3w4 

I have been studying personality tests for the past several years, and I have concluded that these types definitly are the most accurate version of me I have ever seen in my life.

I am pursuing a double major in English and Computer Science, and enjoy abstract thoughts and ideas- in fact, I actively search these details out. I also write a lot, for better or for worse.

I have just started livejournal, and will be making regular posts very soon
Hello =)

Name Mary
Age 22
Location California
Enneagram 4w5 so/sx... In particular I relate perfectly to being a so 4.
Oldham Sensitive/Self sacrificing/Idiosyncratic
Interests Music, listening to (especially alternative pop/rock; my favorite band is The Smiths ♥) and playing (piano, acoustic guitar, singing), writing (songs, poems, journalling...), art and creativity in general (I have recently tried visual art, specifically pixel drawing, sketching, taking pictures, and making collages thus far), typing and psychology overall, spirituality (I love aura colors, astrology, numerology...things like that), cats, humor, travelling, sometimes films and books...

So yes, that's me... I mostly post about what has been going on in my life, musings regarding my interests, and sometimes photographs or memes or what have you. Feel free to add me if I sound interesting to you, I would love to make new enneagram/typing friends. =)



Hello hello!

I have been into personality typing for as long as I can remember. I am most definitely an INFP.

I first read about the enneagram in one of those girly teen mags in middle school. When I took that short quiz, it told me that I was a type nine. Although based on the descriptions I remember thinking "I'm kind of a four too".

That was a long time ago. I have since (thank you similar minds) come to the conclusion that I am a 2w1. For anyone interested in astrology; you will probably see the connection in that I am a Libra Sun (balance! harmony!) with Capricorn moon (details! perfection!).

Anyhow, I really don't find any other type twos out there... and if I do, they're usually more 2w3.
Do you know any?



Hello hello~

I have never really been into enneagram but I find the adding communities amusing and such, so I have decided to give it a try ;D

I believe I am a type 7 but a balance between w6 and w8 (as I have thus read) and the test can be rather... misleading, lol;

I am a strong lover of MBTI in general though and years ago when I first took the test, I tested INFP- this was before I read up on the theory, the differences between all the "functions" and such and I have discovered I am indeed an ESFP that is right beween I/E but leaning towards the E;

(I discovered the N vs. S thing really fast though and quickly saw that I was an S instead and later found out that I am a borderline I vs. E)

I am a HUGE fan of Astrology though and I love people who are as intrigued by it as I <3

I love to spend hours on the astro.com forum and I am an Aries sun/Aries moon/Virgo ascendant- tons of Aries planets in the 8th house, so I am very interested in the darker side of things~ (And depth, intensity- ah, you must have that to be intimate with me)

I believe 7 fits with me though~


Dec. 16th, 2008


i'm a little skeptical about this community, but i like having enneagram peeps on my friends list. all of my entries are boring friends only. if you add me i will inevitably add you back. i mod what's left of enneagram.


add request

Stuff about me: I'm a so/sx/sp 4w5. On Myers-Briggs I'm INFJ. On Oldham, I'm Sensitive-Mercurial-Serious-Idiosyncratic. Those of you from EIDB will know me as amber_headlights.

Other stuff about me: I'm a graduate student in philosophy. I'm finishing up my MA this year and am currently applying to my department's PhD program. I'm interested in aesthetics, mostly 19th century aesthetics. More specifically, I do stuff in Kierkegaard, the German Romantics and Early German Idealism. My interest in the Romantics borders on an obsession.

I live in Milwaukee with my boyfriend, our two cats and three turtles, but I've lived all over the United States (Philly, Austin, Detroit, Tucson, I could go on and on) and take short jaunts outside the country as much as possible. (In fact, I'm going to Amsterdam in a week.)I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania originally.

When I'm not doing philosophy or going out of town, I like to paint. I also like to hang out in coffeehouses, but I don't seem to do much of that these days. I'm also into stuff like tarot cards, and will mention that periodically in my journal (though not a lot).

Most of my entries are a mix of introspective stuff, general perceptions/observations on the world, rants about grad school, mentioning of who I'm reading and/or translating, nostalgia, the occasional writing about a dream, and the slightly more occasional posting of memes, test results or cat pictures. Oh yeah, and the enneagram. I like to talk about that, too :-)



I've been on LJ for a long while, my journal is mostly personal stuff (and most of the posts friends-only).

I'm an INTP (by MBTI; INTj by socionics) and generally consider myself an enneagram 9 (not sure the wing) with sp/so/sx variant. Male, 27, live in the USA (east coast).

I find personality type systems fascinating and enjoy seeing their relevance with everyday life. My goal with typology communities is to gain a better understanding of the human experience through the various personality types and their life experiences.


Breaking the ice.

You can call me Cosmic.
Enneagram: 5w6, soc/sp/sx.
Socionics: INTj
Oldham: Solitary
Big 5: high Openness, low Conscientiousness, low Extroversion, low Agreeableness, moderate Neuroticism.
Musical taste: Mostly 70s-early 90s hard rock. But I'm not really much of a music buff. So don't expect any deep conversations on music from me.
Other communities: enneagram, typers, astronomy, wtf_nature (not an official member, but I lurk on it)
Age: 28
Sex: female
Location: US
Gender ID: cisgender but not that girly-looking
Race: white
Orientation: straight
Relationship status: long-term bf, not committed
Religion: aspiring-to-be spiritual Agnostic-Atheist who dabbles in Buddhism on and off

What I write about in my journal:
Whatever I feel like. Depends on my pet interest at the time. Lately I've been writing a lot about taxonomy and race/gender/sexual orientation issues, but I'll also analyze anything I feel like analyzing (including topics raised by LJ friends), navel-gaze, and ramble about my personal life.

You will NOT find me celebrity-typing ANYWHERE. In fact, I rarely "type" people at all, real or fictional, famous or not, and you have to be really obviously not your type for me to question your type. But I do sometimes like to talk about stereotypes and misconceptions about types, the nature of types, and how well certain typing schemes work.

Science buffs and people who are curious about such "strange" (but quite common, really) creatures as OMG! FEMALE FIVES! and OMG! SOCIAL FIVES! (both go against the stereotype of what a 5 is, but are actually not all that unusual or uncommon) can feel free to add me.

My journal is almost all friends-only so you're only going to see a couple of posts if you read my journal before I add you. One about the Large Hadron Collider and one about racism, IIRC.